Android: Write and edit an NFC Display

In this article we explain how to describe and edit an NFC display with the Android smartphone. With the app provided for this purpose, it is possible to change the content at any time an customize it as disired.

To write on the NFC display with the smartphone, the free app NFC E-Tag is required, which can be downloaded here:

Nachfolgend zeigen wir exemplarisch, wie der Inhalt des Displays durch ein neues Bild ersetzt werden kann.

Following we show exemplarily how the content of the display can be replaced by a new image.

Select type of the NFC display

To edit an NFC display, we first select the size of the display. The supported sizes are displayed after launching the app.

Select type of the NFC display

Insert or capture existing image

Already saved data such as photos can be inserted on the dsiplay by tapping Picturein the lower tab. These can still be customized depending on the format.

To insert a picture via the smartphone camera, we also tap on Picture in the lower tab and select the camera. The picture taken can then also be customized.

  • 1. Insert or capture existing image
  • 2. Insert or capture existing image

Edit file before transfer

After the desired file has been selected, settings for contrast, brightness and alignment of the image can still be made via Adjust and +. Effects can also be added.

  • 1. Edit file before transfer
  • 2. Edit file before transfer

Transfer content from app to display

To transfer the file to the display, we place the smartphone with its back on the NFC display. The progress of the transfer is displayed ont he upper tab. When the transfer is successfully completed, the smartphone can be removed form the display again.

Important: Don not move the smartphone during the transfer, otherwise the process will be abortedan will have to be repeated.

  • 1. Transfer content from app to display
  • 2. Transfer content from app to display

In diesem Artikel haben wir erklärt, wie NFC-Displays beschrieben und bearbeitet werden können. Durch die veränderbare Anzeige können jeder Zeit Texte und Fotos eingefügt werden, die in der dafür vorgesehenen App bearbeitet und angepasst werden können.

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